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Emergency Water Heater Repair

Want to learn how to troubleshoot your water heater and arrange the right repairs?

Continue reading our quick expert guide to emergency water heater repair.

It’s Monday morning and you’re running late for work. You turn on the shower and wait several minutes while cold water continually flows out.
You know it should be getting warm by now, but it’s not. You soon realize there must be something wrong with the water heater, and you haven’t had any preventative maintenance performed in several years. When was the last a plumber inspected your water heating system?
If there’s ever been a time for emergency water heater repair, it’s now. But where do you begin?
In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics of water heater repair.
It’s not as difficult as you might think.

  1. The Solution Could Be Really Simple

    Many times, when a water heater stops functioning it’s because of the elements within it. However, before you test the elements (more on that later), check to see if the circuit breaker is on or if it’s tripped.
    If that wasn’t the problem, press the reset button on your hot water heater that’s located on the high-temperature cutoff. It’s located directly above your upper thermostat.
    By resetting the high-temperature cutoff or circuit breaker, you may have quickly resolved the problem. However, if either was tripped, it could be because of an electrical issue.
    If they trip after resetting, it’s time to check out the heating elements.

  2. Heating Element Replacement For Emergency Water Heater Repair

    You probably didn’t know that you don’t need to be an experienced electrician to take a look at and replace your heating elements.
    However, you need to make sure that all power to the unit is off before performing tests or repairs on the water heater.
    As with the above, find the circuit breaker in your electrical panel. It should be labeled for the water heater. Switch it off.
    Head back to the water heater and test for power using a non-contact voltage detector. Your test will indicate power by beeping or lighting up.
    Next, test the wires that lead to your water heater. In a case where they are covered by a metal conduit, your test won’t read voltage.
    You’ll need to remove the metal thermostat cover, pull out all the insulation, and hold your tester near the wires that lead toward the top of the high-temperature cutoff switch.
    Test both wires. After that, hold the tester against the water heater shell. It will be metal.
    If the tester stays silent or doesn’t light up, testing the elements is safe.

  3. Use a Continuity Tester

    For this step, you’ll need to pick up a continuity tester (normally about $5-10).
    You can find these in most home centers or hardware stores.
    If you happen to have a volt-ohm meter on hand and understand how it works, you can test with this instead.
    You’ll need to expose the elements to test them. To do so, remove the metal covers, insulation, and plastic covers on the side of your water heater.
    Perform your continuity test to check if an element is burned out. Remember that electricity won’t flow through burned-out elements.
    Next, connect the alligator clip to one of the terminals and touch the probe directly to the other one.
    If the tester lights up, you’ve got a complete circuit. If not, the element is bad and needs to be replaced.
    In this case, you can tackle the job on your own, or consult a professional do to it for you.
    Remember that if the water heater elements are bad, it could indicate a bigger problem with your water heating system.

Best Emergency Water Heater Repair in Dubai

The Best Emergency Water Heater Repair in Dubai

Nobody wants to deal with emergency water heater repair. But when your water heater fails and starts leaking not only does it start ruining the ceiling and the floor below but also makes you quickly realize how important it is to your daily routine.

If you live in Dubai and are having issues with your water heater, We’ve got you covered.

Emergency Water Heater Replacement and Installation Services in Dubai

Emergency Water Heater Repair Service in Dubai

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